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Thank you for becoming part of our community! Get Started!
Thank you for becoming part of our community! Get Started!

Who should join?

CMOs and anyone looking to become a marketing leader should join. The goal of the community is to improve the marketing profession by providing content that helps existing leaders evolve and meet the new standards of success in the digital age, while serving as a learning environment for aspiring CMOs.

What does the community offer me?

Knowledge. The community will be focused on CMO issues – vision, strategy, planning, campaigns, budget management, ROI/metrics measurement, team building, and vendor selection. You will also have the opportunity to submit blog content, participate on podcasts, and answer CMO level questions to share your knowledge and further your personal brand.

What do I get by joining?

  • A free copy of the book “The Next CMO: A Guide to Operational Excellence, 2nd Edition
  • Enrollment in The Next CMO monthly newsletter
  • Exclusive community access to The Next CMO blogspodcasts, and other content
  • Calculate your demand gen KPIs & budget for FREE using the Operational Marketing Funnel Builder
  • Best practice marketing plan builder, campaign, and budget templates
  • The ability to submit questions to the community
  • Access to exclusive virtual CMO events
  • Workshops on strategic marketing topics
  • Marketing plan and budget assessment with the Operational Marketing Index
  • Marketing leadership job postings

The Next CMO workshops

The Next CMO certification program is an opportunity for marketers to participate in our bi-weekly workshops and learn what it means to create an Operational Marketing plan as well as manage your budget and measure your ROI. By achieving a score of 80% or above on both workshops, marketers will earn an Operational Marketing Excellence badge, symbolizing their Operational Marketing readiness. Only through being a part of The Next CMO community can marketers attend our various workshops.

How do I join?

It’s easy to join, just click the button below and get enrolled. When you enroll, you will immediately get a copy of The Next CMO book and be enrolled in the weekly newsletter. In addition, you can access other great content on the blog and weekly podcasts. For those members that have specific questions, you can get real-time answers from the community.

Thank you for becoming part of our community! Get Started!
Thank you for becoming part of our community! Get Started!

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